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Learning Challenges

Topic learning linked challenge. Due Wednesday 1st March.


Research key facts about Snowdonia National Park and create a fact file with this information. 

Compare similarities and differences between Snowdonia and our home, the Peak District National Park.

Topic learning linked challenge. Due Tuesday 13th December.


Design and build a Mayan temple. 

Remember unlike an Egyptian pyramid, they need a flat top for the temple and steps up each side. You can use any materials available for this task, you might use lego or cardboard or it could even be done online!

I can't wait to see what you create!

Topic learning linked challenge.


Due Tuesday 11th October 2022.


Write a letter to the president of Brazil persuading him to stop or minimise the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. Use the writing to persuade document to help you. Include facts from our lessons or research some more!


The details of this task are also available on Purple Mash. Homework can be returned either via Purple Mash or as a paper copy. 


I look forward to seeing some wonderful writing!